Where To Start With PR

There’s a lot of noise out there and it can be difficult for your business or organisation to be heard above the hubbub.

And, with the technology explosion it’s hard to know where to start but we love all of that stuff at Chatterbox PR.

Word of mouth

Spreading the word about the good and the bad has gone beyond neighbours chatting over the fence.

Now, people build a picture via social media, blogs, stories in traditional media, online film clips, websites, bits of paper under the windscreen wiper blades... you get the picture.

Chatterbox PR is into this stuff

  • Reputation reviews:

    Using research to find out what people are saying about you

  • Press releases to mainstream and niche media:

    Getting your story out there - in newspapers, on TV, on the radio, on the internet

  • Social media management:

    The techie stuff that leaves some bewildered, especially Facebook pages

  • Database communication:

    Sending guff to your existing best buddies, including email newsletters and even good old posted newsletters

  • Blogs:

    Telling your story your way, for your website

  • Website reviews:

    Copywriting the content to help stakeholders find you

  • Marketing collateral:

    More copywriting to tell your story in brochures, posters and other clever devices

  • Sponsorship management:

    Getting the maximum bang for your buck when you invest in an event or organisation

  • Event publicity:

    Getting bums on seats for your gig

  • Internal communications:

    Sharing the stories with your team to give them pride in their workplace

  • Review outcomes:

    Suss out whether the PR plan is working and the on-going strategy for success

“If something is worth saying – make sure someone is listening.”

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