Make sponsorship a win-win

Posted by Jackie Russell

There is the temptation to hand over a few vouchers to the local school gala to appease a feisty committee member and be done with it. SMEs often do this a few times a year in an unplanned scatter-gun approach that doesn’t do much for anyone.

Low exposure for the business, low fundraising opportunity for the school and a recipient who probably has to spend a whole lot more with the business to redeem the voucher.

It would be better to focus on one or two higher profile events that work better for everyone.

An accountant Chatterbox PR works with sponsored a cash grab at a local school fair, which gave us an opportunity to get a story in the local paper.This promoted the fundraiser, provide genuine original content for social media and raised more money for the school.


Astill Hawke cash capsule

astill hawke cash capsule

Accountant sponsors cash grab at school fair and gets in the newspaper.

Accountant sponsors cash grab at school fair and gets in the newspaper.
The company director also helped out on the stand for the day, proudly wearing the company’s branded clothing and getting their name in front of potential new clients.

Their existing clients got the warm fuzzy of knowing they deal with a company with a social enterprise ethic.

Never underestimate the importance of warm fuzzies.

Build your reputation

It is all too easy for a company to have its reputation lambasted in a flash with the ferocious speed of social and digital media. Every business should plan how to develop a solid reputation.

Just think how quickly the Vauxhall emissions scandal and FIFA corruption stories went global.

However, if the organisation is resilient and has staunch supporters – the fallout will be reduced. Good sponsorship relationships can help achieve resilience.

A word of caution. There is no point is doing one thing in the public arena to score brownie points and then behind supposedly closed doors, behaving like a jerk. Someday, somehow it will come back to bite you.


Of course, if your business simply want s to make a donation – rather than develop a sponsorship relationship – that is just great, too.

You can celebrate it with your team or quietly support a good cause knowing you have made a difference.