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Your clients and prospective clients suffer from advertising overload and the more junk that appears in their Facebook feed – the faster they will develop scrolling thumb strain.

Chatterbox PR closely watches the stats – the numbers that make everyone else yawn – and for Facebook pages the most important number is the engagement.
Facebook engagement is declining


facebook engagement


It is an international trend that the number of people who engage with commercial and paid posts is decreasing, and there is no change in sight.

The growth of people who like a page and the reach may look impressive but the engagement declines. This is important because engagement is when you know your followers are paying attention and may even pick up the phone to do business with you.

Buzzsumo reported in August 2017 that, “the average number of engagements with Facebook posts created by brands and publishers has fallen by over 20 per cent since January 2017.”

The reason is pretty obvious – Facebookers are swamped with commercial content and they are bored with it. They can even block it.

Also, Facebook with its magic algorithms is overloaded with content and only sending the pick of the bunch to people who demonstrate a high level of interest.

How to improve Facebook engagement

If you are going to use social media – make sure you have a plan, some objectives and the resources to make it work for your business.

If you have a unique product that will develop a strong relationship with your target audience, there is value to including Facebook in your marketing mix. For example a new Chatterbox PR client, HUNGERBALL is fun, sporty, innovative, unique and the game appeals to a tribe of genuine fans.

Here are some tips Chatterbox PR has found help with engagement

1. Decide if Facebook is really the right place to invest your marketing dollars

If you are not prepared to put your face on Facebook and you are not keen on building a relationship with your followers then best to steer clear of social media.

If your business genuinely wants to connect with clients and sees the value of building a loyal relationship with them – then Facebook could be a good idea.

2. Develop a strategy

Every element of a company’s marketing plan should have defined outcomes and direction to achieve those outcomes.

It’s easy to get distracted and forget about your Facebook page or post irrelevant content that doesn’t resonate with your followers.

Some personal stuff is cool but make sure it relates to your business and communicates a story that builds your brand position.

Consider including posts about: the people behind your business, opening exciting new products, a fun and creative competition, good news stories about your customers, share a business success, etc.

3. Create decent original content

If you have a good smartphone you have all the equipment necessary for pretty good original content.

Producing real videos and photos always beats borrowed images and content from the internet.

Learn how to use your smartphone well, hold it steady and use editing apps. Less than professional images are ok but blurry photos and shaky video are not.

Video, video, video – do you get the moving picture? Facebook followers are more likely to engage with video loaded directly to Facebook than any other content.

Photos – if you don’t have video you must use a photo. Post with words only go nowhere and you may as well not bother.

Words – always consider your target audience with the words you use. Including specific and relevant key words in the post can be advantageous. For example, “school holiday fun is happening right now at Warkworth library.” People using a Facebook search can see your post.

Tags – Chatterbox PR never tags people because that is an invasion of their space but we love using tags to other organisations we have a genuine connection with. They are notified of the post and help boost engagement.

4. Have fun

Chill out with your social media and have fun with it. Following your page insights will give you a greater understanding of how well you are doing.

Remain genuine and keep it real, and people will enjoy working with your company.

What to avoid with Facebook

  1. No posting words only – take a photo of your coffee mug if you are desperate.
  2. Try to avoid including links to YouTube or websites. Facebook appears to block these.
  3. For events, don’t just post the link to the ticketing website as a regular post. Load it as a Facebook event and put a link to the ticketing website.
  4. If you must include a link in the post – put in a photo first and put the link in the body of the post. Otherwise Facebook picks up multiple images from the webpage and it just looks ugly.
  5. Don’t use hashtags. They work for Instagram but apparently, reduce engagement on Facebook – especially when they are obviously commercial or just naff.

“Facebook posts without a hashtag fare better than those with a hashtag.” Buffer blogger, Kevan Lee

At Chatterbox PR we think social media is one form of communication but it can’t be your only strategy to build your business.

We are happy to chat with you about the direction your business can take to make better use of this digital media tool.

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