Get the timing right for events

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When planning workshops, events, promotions or anything that requires your target audience’s attention – make sure you get the timing right.
If you’re a gardener, you’ll know that you don’t plant shrubs when it’s hot and dry and you do pick most fruit when it fully ripens in glorious sunshine. Good timing creates great results.

Here are some tips to help you determine the best time to plan your event.

Search websites such as Eventfinda and local newspapers to see if some other big events will detract from yours.

Review the business section of newspapers and local business associations to see if they are running anything that competes or complements your activity.

It pays not to re-invent the wheel and if there is another similar event – it could be beneficial to collaborate with the participants.

Check social media events as well as community groups for insights into activities that might be more attractive to your audience.

Consider public holidays, school holiday and other significant events, such as the All Blacks playing in town as these will all have an impact on your numbers – maybe for better or worse.

It pays to consult with trusted clients and friends, which is valuable when determining the time that works best for them.

While traffic can make it difficult to get to locations – hosting an early event or delaying it until the evening may make attendance difficult for those juggling family commitments.

Finally, ask for feedback at the event to check if there is a trend that would have encouraged more bums on seats.